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Scheduling / Payment

At PupFit, scheduling your hikes is a breeze! 


Simply login to our client portal and select the day(s) you’d like your pup to hike >> HERE 


PupFit hikes are scheduled in advance, in addition, our advanced booking system helps us plan our  transportation routes, and hiking groups, for the following week. 


“Last minute” bookings are not a good idea. IE: A senior dog could be  made to hike with young, boisterous dogs, or a puppy could be made to  hike with senior dogs. Neither scenario is much fun for the “last minute” dog.


At PupFit, we do our best to make sure all of our clients have “the best day of their lives!” 


Payment of your service is due the Monday following your completed  Adventure Hike. You will receive an invoice, via email, which is automatically paid once you update your credit card information.

Happy PupFit Experience

From the moment the doorbell chimes, a wave of tail-wagging excitement signals another adventure-packed day with Pupfit. Entrusting our two cream golden retrievers to David and his team for their bi-weekly nature hikes has been nothing short of a delight. What truly sets Pupfit apart is the sheer joy and gentle care they invest in every hike, reflecting a profound understanding of the canine spirit. The team's pleasant demeanor and professionalism underscore their commitment to top-notch service, making every Pupfit experience a seamless blend of fun, fitness, and unwavering reliability. In a world where our four-legged friends are not just pets but family, Pupfit stands as a beacon of excellence, nurturing our dogs' physical and emotional well-being. Here's to many more years of trail-trekking, tail-wagging, and unconditional love with the fantastic Pupfit crew!

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