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At PupFit, your companion's safety is our number one priority!


We are a fully insured, and bonded, hiking service and our team  members are familiar with canine CPR.  

PupFit Evaluations, and Temperament Tests, are conducted on each  new dog*, and assist us in determining whether a dog is a good  candidate for our Adventure Hikes.  


If a new dog has a fearful, non-trusting nature, then we will not hike that  dog. If a dog has a history of fighting, or aggression towards people or  dogs, then they are not a good fit for our service.  

Historically, about 90% of the dogs we’ve tested have been able to hike  with us!  


All PupFit dogs are friendly, sociable, and do well in groups. In  addition, our dogs take cues from leadership, and tend to stick with the  pack. 

- All dogs must be a minimum of 6 months old 

- All dogs must be current on vaccinations and have tags

Happy PupFit Experience

Our dog gets so excited every time the Pupfit team comes to pick her up for her hike. David and Jennifer love dogs and their business shows it! Pupfit has been a great alternative to daycare for us.
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