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Does Your Pup Fit?

At PupFit, we do our utmost to provide a safe, fun, and fulfilling Adventure Hike!  Unfortunately, not all dogs are able to join us. Here are a few things we look for…  


If your dog is: 

• aggressive, towards people/other dogs, or has a history of fighting, 


• antisocial, or doesn’t play well with others,  


• unresponsive to basic requests, such as their name, or a recall (“come”, or  “here” command),  

• unvaccinated/unregistered,  


• skittish, or fearful

Then your dog is probably not a good PupFit candidate.  


If your dog does not display any of the above tendencies, please proceed to Step 1, the Evaluation!

Happy PupFit Experience

"My dog LOVES LOVES LOVES his hikes. Whenever I tell him it’s his hike day, he waits at the front door for the van to arrive. And the he comes home so tired. It’s a win-win. Everyone at Pupfit is very caring. I’m so happy I found them!"
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