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PupFit is a unique service that your dog will love! Each dog's experience is  filled with fun, and adventure!  

On the evening before your scheduled hike, typically around 6PM, we’ll  text you to confirm your availability for the following morning’s transport.  


On the morning of your hike, we’ll text you as we're in route to your *home. We’ll arrive to pick up your pup(s), typically between 6:45 - 7:30am (depending on where you live, and traffic).  


We hike on a beautiful 3000 acre ranch, which is located far outside of the  bustling city. Once we arrive at our destination, your dog(s) are allowed off leash, and they’re free to run, swim, and play, with their friends!  


Our customized hiking groups are comprised of moderate-highly social dogs, who have similar play-styles, and energy levels, as your dog(s).  


Each group is led by experienced PupFit team members. Our team members insure that all of the dogs remain safe, and have fun!  


Once we finish hiking, you are notified of our arrival time back to Houston. We’ll message you, well in advance, to ensure you have enough notice of  our arrival.  


Once we arrive at your home, typically between 2:30-3:30pm (depending on where you live, and traffic), we’ll text you so you can receive your pup(s).  


If you’re unable to receive your pup(s), that’s ok! You don’t have to be home, just give us a key, or code, to access your property, and we’ll let them inside for you.  


Before your dog goes home, we thoroughly shampoo/towel dry them, and we  also offer a rinse only option. Although we're not groomers,  we do our very best to ensure your pup is squeaky clean!

* Unsafe conditions such as: extreme cold, extreme heat, lightning, heavy rain, and flooding ,may prevent our hiking.


*Home: If you live in a highrise, or large apartment complex, you will need to meet us in the parking area.

Happy PupFit Experience

"The PupFit services have been wonderful for our GSP. David, Jennifer, and all the staff are knowledgeable, professional, and dependable. They hold a high standard for staff and make sure that standard is always met. We have always felt comfortable entrusting our dog to their care for hikes.
They are very communicative regarding scheduling, pick-up / drop-off timing, dog health, answering questions, etc... Our GSP will wake up early on her hiking days and look through the window waiting for Daniel to drive up like she's keeping a calendar (Daniel is incredible so please keep him around). It's the highlight of her week!"
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