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Puppy Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in PupFit!


Please complete our Contract,  Registration, and Terms of Service forms and email them to

Once we’ve reviewed your information, we will contact you to schedule an Evaluation.  

PupFit Evaluations ($50) are scheduled on Saturday between  8:30am - 12:30pm.


We do our best to be thorough, yet expedient, and  generally spend about half an hour with your dog.  

The Evaluation is a brief (20-30 minute) Temperament Test, conducted at our location.


Our test helps determine your dog’s  social skills, and demeanor. (During the test, if we discover that your dog is skittish, fearful, aggressive, or antisocial, then they may not be a  good candidate for PupFit.)  

If your pup does well during their Evaluation, then you’re ready to  schedule their Hike!

Happy PupFit Experience

"Coco LOVES Pup Fit. I'm not sure how, but she knows when she is going to Pup Fit, and she sits by the door waiting for the van to pick her up. She loves her 4 legged friends and comes back from her adventures exhausted but happy and clean. It is the best!!!"
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